Scans for Ciscos IKEv1 and IKEv2 Buffer Overflow Vulnerability (CVE-2016-1287)

using nginx + naxsi to fight against the latest Joomla-0-Day and PHP-Object-Injection generally

Sets arriving - watching Scanners searching for Bittorrent clients

ElasticZombie - Inside an ElasticSearch - Botnet

Swell on the horizon - watching Scanners searching for Bittorrent clients

Server-Botnet with massive SSH-Brute-Force-Attacks (EN)

Server-Botnetz mit massiven SSH-Brute-Force-Attacken (DE)

suPHP might be exploited through Shellshock

ShellShock Attacks, POCs, Mitigation, Detection and Testings

30 critical Java / Oracle -Cloud - Vulns published by Adam Gowdiak (Naxsi Ruleset-Update)

Ebury/CDorked - Rootkiterkennung mit check_psinfo

Schlaf, Tomcat, Schlaf - Tomcat/Apache Commons FileUpload DoS und Workarounds CVE-2014-0050

Game Over! Angriffe auf Steam, Origin/EA und Leage-of-Legends - Server via NTP-Amplification-Attacks

WGET / Crontab - Hacks: RubyOnRails-Exploits in the wild

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